See the boy and girl
Trying to save their world
Eyes that gleam with hate
And sadness at their fate

Listen to them speak
The words that make them weak
Dreadful tale to tell
Treason put a spell

I don’t like you anymore
But I love you still
And who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf
losing illusions
Who’s afraid of facing the truth
Who’s afraid of Viriginia Woolf?

Caught inside a play
With only lethal lines to say
Girl is getting crass
And boy is braking glass

You must leave the past
Learn the lesson fast
Listen girl and boy
Love is not a toy


Skrevet 010385
WAVF er et skuespill vi jobba med da jeg studerte engelsk på Dragvoll i denne tida, men handlinga er fra livet sælv.
Her er det bare den rene elgitaren og trommene som er originale.