The time it seems to creep
They’re so late I wanna weep
And I’m going away today
I’ve waited for an hour
And I’m getti’ kinda sour
Where are they?

They should be here at four
But now it’s a whole lot more

Today I’m going far
And I’m going there by car
And I’m waiting for the car to come
Now an hour is almost passed
Four o’clock is in the past
Where are they?


My watch is almost five
I’m gonna skin them alive
If they don’t come around quite quick
I’m tearing down the door
And I’m ripping up the floor
Ï’m waiting


I suddenly hear something
The door-bell says «ring ring»
And I’m jumping out of my chair
Though anhour is almost passed
Well, the folks are here at last
I’m singing: lala lala lalalala

They didn’t come at four
But now it doesn’t matter no more
‘Cause now they’re her at last
All my anger’s in the past
And I’m going away very fast


Skrevet mens jeg venta på å bli henta for å dra på klassetur 060278
Innspilt noen dager senere
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