No Tomorrow

I got up with a smile every day
So glad to spend it with you
I was certain you wanted to stay
No reason to distrust you
Till you did what you did
Gave your love away
Now there’s hell to pay
And I don’t now what to do,
I don’t know what to say
Don’t know how I can go on
In a night that has no dawn

Was I wrong when I wanted to show
I needed to be near you
Was I wrong when I needed to know
I wouldn’t have to fear you
When you said
When you said
Take a chance on me
Take a chance on me
And allow me just a little more liberty
Well, that’s just what I’ve done
And now that you are gone

There is no tomorrow
No tomorrow as far as I can see
There is no to morrow for you and me

Every second of the day
I pray for you to say
That you’ll come back to me and you’ll stay


010285 omskrevet i 2015
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