I Wanna Be Naked

Tekst: Olav Angen/Ulf Risnes

I wanna be naked for you my love
I truly do

I wanna show you the secret parts of my body
Those you’ve never seen before
I wanna show you the parts never shown to nobody
And I’ll show you what they’re for

Your physical structure is good my love
Extremely good, my love
So won’t you show me the hidden parts of your body
Those I’ve never seen before
And let me touch where I’ve never touched anybody
I am sure that you’ll want more

Sola: Trommer, elgitar
Frode B: Stønning og radiostemme
Gebben: Kirsten Langbo
Skrevet 310579
Spilt inn 9 og 1108 samme år
Bass innspilt 171118