Enter When The Time Is Ripe

When I sit all alone by myself on the shelf singing songs
You’re the last I wanna see to be with me
Can’t you see?

You know I ain’t got a dime
Besides I ain’t got the time
Still you want to be mine
You’re too kind

When I stand on the road by the fence with my friends on the road
Then please leave me be
‘Cause I am free can’t you see?


Got no car, got no bike
Wanna go far – gotta hike
Got no car
You want me, can’t you see
That I’m a bore to the core?


When I’m lonely, feelin’ sad
Walkin’ ’round feelin’ down
Come around
Then you’re the one I wanna see
To be with me, can’t you see?

You know I ain’t got a dime
But for sure I will have the time
And if you still wanna be mine
Would be fine

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