Dice, dice
What we see in your eyes is true
You never tell lies
Let me know where I stand
My life is in your hand

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
What the next round will bring
Is it fortune or dispair?
The tension is so high
Is it hello or goodbye?

Gambling, gambling
Life is a great game
Rambling, rambling
Travelling without aim

Now I’m throwing you dice
On this gamble of life
What will your eyes tell?
Will they the me to heaven
Or leave me to burn in hell?

I am staking my life on this one single chance
As I let you do your dance
Sway cross the floor
And give me your top score

Where will I be after this throw
High or low?
What will your eyes show?



Skrevet 190179
Er det her jeg forlater barndommen?
Spilt inn 250912, 260614, 270614, 270116, 070417, 241018 og 191118